Self adhesive vinyl

An extensive range of colours and product types to meet a wide range of application requirements including clear protective anti graffiti films.


Most generally used for the majority of applications, Health and Safety signs, vehicle graphics, P.O.S. displays and exhibition panels. Available in a range of products from short term, long term, indoor, outdoor, removable and permanent. Performance and quality based choices are the basis of durable signage.

Reflective and Fluorescent

A range of interior and exterior films for high visibility signage. Reflective grades for traffic signs, vehicle marking safety applications. They provide levels of reflectivity and durability that adhere to strict performance standards. Photo-luminescent materials are used to afford high visibility in applications such as safety, security and emergency signal signage.

Textile Marking Films

Special-effect films with different surface finishes applied to a variety of substrates such as cotton, polyester and nylon. A cost effective alternative to traditional methods of application such as embroidery or screen printing to garments and textiles. Textures include flex and flock options.

Window and Decorative

A range of high visibility films for window applications from glass awareness to decorative features. Films include frosted, etched glass, crystal look and glass decor. The choice of colours, textures and levels of transparency of the films enables a wide variety of effects and design.